Saturday, January 13, 2007

Key to Success !!

Do you know the difference between Martin and Frank? Why Martin lost and Frank was not fired in the board room?

Sure, there is no single formula to success, but there is definitely a common denominator... i.e. Energy. Do you meet people and wonder "Wow! how come this person has so much energy"? I am sure the answer is "yes" and I am also sure that you'd consider this person to be successful in most cases! If you have energy, you'll be successful in whatever you do. High energy people are optimistic and possess a "Can Do" attitude. Most of the pessimistic behaviors stems from the roots of lethargy!

So, the question is how to get energy? Is it the stamina, or is it the physical health? Is it the passion, or is it the correct diet? Is it the sleep or the caffeine? Different people are driven by different things. Following are some of the ways to get your energy boost:
  • Regular exercise (15 minutes a day)
  • Meditation
  • Music, Sports
  • Kids
  • Meeting new people
  • Reading articles and books
  • Attending seminars and shows
  • Reading biographies of other successful people
  • Setting clear goals and reviewing them regularly
  • Motivational movies
  • Caffeine, of course!
  • Just enough sleep
Pick the source whatever works for you and just make sure that you get your energy boost on regular bases and you'll find that you are climbing the stairs of success in no time.

Another point to remember is that once you get enough energy to kick-off your reactor inside, you'll also start radiating energy! People you meet will get energized by you (like induction) and they'll reflect that energy back.... It's wonderful to be among a group of very high energy people.

Caution: Like viruses, low energy people can deflate all your energy in no time. Make a conscious effort to stay away from couch potatoes and pessimistic people. Slowly develop a circle of only high energy people around you.

One easy way to find success is to follow it. So try to be with successful people as much as possible. Induction is a wonderful thing, but it works on the negative side too - so be careful!

So, why was Martin fired?!